The Goodness Project brings relief to families devastated by tornadoes in Kentucky

On December 10, 2021 a violent, long-tracked tornado moved across Western Kentucky, producing severe to catastrophic damage in numerous towns, including Mayfield, Kentucky. The Goodness Project partnered with the George Wilson Foundation to bring relief supplies to families who were devastated by these storms. We want to thank New Beginnings Church, who provided trucking and filming as well as Gateway Church, who financially supported getting resources to these families in crisis.

Our Solution

Relief, Recover, Restore

According to the National Relief Network, in 2017, Hurricane Harvey caused over 180 billion dollars in damage, more than any other natural disaster in US History. Two-hundred and three thousand homes were damaged, which left 738,000 people in need of assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In addition, that same year, Hurricane Irma caused another 100 billion dollars in damage to homes and communities.

The Goodness Project has developed a scalable distribution model with four locations, along with service teams who are among the first responders once a disaster strikes. We partner with local churches, government agencies, other non-profits, donors, and volunteers who work as a team to bring relief in every storm.


Bringing immediate comfort to pain and distress

The Goodness Project has strategic plans in place before the disaster strikes in order to respond more effectively. We store resources at three distribution centers so we are ready to respond as soon as possible after a storm or disaster hits a city. We find out the immediate needs of the community and the resources not covered so we can fill in the gap. We work strategically with other partners so all the bases are covered and extra surplus isn’t brought into a city that would actually do more harm than good. One of the main things needed in cities in times of disaster is safety equipment and cleaning supplies. These items are always stocked and readily available to help families clean up debris that a storm has left behind.


Regaining composure after great loss or trial

After a disaster strikes, it could take years for families to recover. The Goodness Project provides items such as mattresses, furniture, and other household items to families who have lost everything. The recovery process can last long; as time goes by, different resources may become necessary. The Goodness Project continues to provide additional resources to assure the recovery process is as seamless as possible. Our goal is to leave the community stronger than before the disaster struck, as well as to help it better withstand future disasters.


Rebuilding and renewing individuals and communities

Not only does The Goodness Project respond to immediate needs and help people recover from a disaster, but families also need help rebuilding their homes, cities, and communities. The Goodness Project collaborates with our partners, churches, and donors to put homes and cities back together by providing the necessary resources for their future.

Get Involved

Our work is possible because of our dedicated volunteers.

By volunteering at one of our distribution centers or community events, you can bring relief, recovery, and restoration to families in crisis.

*Opportunities to volunteer with our Disaster Services team will be posted here when available.


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