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Renew event with Braeside camp- Canada GOOD News!

At The Goodness Project, we love giving and we love partnering!  This Christmas season, we have been blessed to work with other local non-profit organizations to spread Christmas cheer in very tangible ways. 

Renew Event at our Toronto location

Like many of you, The Goodness Project has a particular soft spot in our hearts for single moms.  And so we were especially excited to work with our dear friend, author, speaker, and radio host Sherry Stahl as we served Braeside Camp at their single mom’s event in Canada. 

The moms shopping

The event, called “Renew,” empowers moms who have fallen on hard times.  

This year, each mom was given $500 each to “shop” at The Goodness Project Resource Center near Toronto, Ontario.  Sherry and her team also set up a Prayer Room at the event and provided prayer support, counsel, and encouragement to these special ladies.  

Sherry has been working with Braeside Camp for the past five years and told us this story from this recent event:

“We set up a Prayer Room for women to come and meet with our team to talk and pray through whatever difficulties they were facing. We prayed with moms whose children were going through issues with abusive or neglectful fathers and court custody battles. Some of these women have health issues and cancer, and one mom is about to have her third major, life-threatening surgery this year. 

The needs were big, but our God is bigger! 

One single mom had not been in a good space for a while and almost didn’t come. Since our last event, she had gone back to some addictions and told me how she was doing everything to avoid the prayer room. Just get the stuff and get out, was her thought. In her nervousness to leave without me seeing her, she backed up into a stack of boxes. One of the boxes literally hit her on the head! She caught the box and realized it had our Prayer Room sign on it with an arrow pointing to the room. She knew this was God’s leading, and she came into the room saying, ‘God’s not letting me go before you pray for me!’ 

God did some amazing work as He revealed His love to this hurting lady. She’s now refreshed, realigned, and has a plan in place to “get back on the wagon. Rachel Bell from The Goodness Project was also instrumental in speaking life to this mom as she helped her shop. Each volunteer loved on her to the point that her defenses were broken down and she was able to experience the love of God!”

This Christmas season, The Goodness Project thanks you for empowering us to provide such powerful, impactful ministry to women in need.  We couldn’t serve hurting people without your prayers and financial support!

Here are some of the powerful testimonies from the moms that attended the event:

“Just writing to thank you all for a wonderful day on Saturday.  It was such a blessing to be a part of it all.  May God bless you all for reaching out to us single mothers in such practical ways.  I was thoroughly blessed.
Thank you so much” -Sonia

The goodness project, 
“I just want to say what a blessing it is to have such an amazing group helping others in need!  My children have been growing so much and I can’t keep up with buying clothes to fit them.  Coming on Saturday for Renew and to the goodness project and getting clothing for myself and my 4 children was such an amazing blessing!  I am so grateful to God, and to the volunteers who all made this event happen.  It was so amazing to see the warehouse and to have amazing women praying with us!  I felt so encouraged and blessed leaving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”.  -Amanda 

“The Blessings that was poured over my family this weekend was one that I can and will cherish forever. The hope that this blessing and grace that is shared is one that provides a mother with hope in this world. We come heavy laden and we leave feeling loved cherished thought of in this ever-changing and challenging world. So I take this opportunity to truly thank you from a mothers heart that there is Goodwill to all women and so this gives us the energy and the courage to move forward to a brighter tomorrow, brighter future a brighter Christmas and our smiles are truly an illustration of what is within and not just worn for others. God Bless you for making a difference in my life!”  -Nikola

“The event was so awesome! I was overwhelmed when I first walked into the warehouse but got my bearings.  It was great to see everyone.  I really miss our time at Braeside, but the shopping was a nice way to reconnect, even if it was a few hours.  My middle child was really needing some new clothes, as he is going through a growth spurt, so it was nice to get a few items for him. He in fact got the bulk of clothes this time around!  My daughter loved the shoes she got and was walking around the house in them!  I was happy to get a few Ralph Lauren items for myself, as that is my favorite clothing brand. My youngest wanted onesies, so I used the gift card from Walmart and got him Minecraft onesies!  Everyone is happy and feeling blessed! Thanks again for a lovely afternoon of shopping, a nice meal, and the time of prayer I had with Marg.  Can’t wait to see you all again”.

We want to thank you for partnering with us to provide help and hope to families in crisis!


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