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Strategies In Warfare- Goodness Speaks with Duncan Brannan

Warfare strategies 101

Strategies In Warfare with Duncan Brannan

Do you desire to understand the times we are living in? Do you want to know how to combat evil yet remain in God’s perfect love?

Spiritual warfare is a vital part of our walk as believers. In this episode, Rachelle talks with Duncan Brannan, speaker and author of the “Soldier Code”, who shares about ancient warrior wisdom for Christian soldiers and how understanding the parallels between historic, earthly battles and heavenly ones can prepare you when you face your own battles. 

We’ll explore basic strategies and principles which will better outfit and toughen you up for the warfare you’re engaged in right now. You won’t want to miss this episode of Goodness Speaks!

Strategies in warfare

About Duncan Brannan

After laying down the acting dream to follow Jesus and His call to ministry, He turned right around and threw open the door to voice acting. In 1993, I landed the national voice of Chuck E. Cheese in English & Spanish; in 1997, a voice for Barney the Dinosaur; and, in 1999, multiple voices with the smash-hit DragonBall Z and other animé series – all without an agent! A few years later, I took an agent, landed more clients like Martha Stewart, Chuck Swindoll, Taco Bueno, and the Department of Defense, and have since acquired over 300 industry credits. Still, my most fulfilling work remains ministry.

I love watching Jesus change lives, and over the course of thirty years have worn almost every hat in the local church – pastoring kids, men, interim worship, creative arts, college & career, small groups, and families. I also designed and led ministry events for men and women at Fellowship of the Sword, a life-changing ministry now in seven states and four countries. Needless to say, my path and training bring a lot of insight and grace to the table as I share God’s Truth.

Strategies in warfare

The Soldier Code is a life-work, taking my thirty years in ministry, knowledge of Scripture, and passion for warrior history and focusing them like a laser to bring saints a caliber of equipping desperately needed right now. The result is an adventure into six ancient martial cultures (Samurai, Spartans, Vikings, & more), biblical history and culture, and powerful personal testimonies that will change how you define and do spiritual warfare!

Be inspired as Rachelle Fletcher hosts interesting guests on the Goodness Speaks show sharing how they see the Goodness of God being spread in the world!

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