The Goodness Project Canada is a registered charity with the Canadian government. Your giving is not only tax-deductible, but it will also help children and families in crisis by providing them with essential needs.

About Us

Team Goodness Expands its Impact in Canada

From our distribution center in Brantford, Canada, The Goodness Project collaborates with churches, city officials, and volunteers to supply, package, and distribute vital resources to families in crisis. We partner with other nonprofit Canadian charities to help children, single moms, the elderly, and families facing crisis in the General Toronto Area and surrounding cities. When you partner with The Goodness Project, you multiply your impact on your community. By outsourcing supplies, our distribution center allows you the opportunity to make maximum impact on those you reach.

Our Director

Pam Bell
[email protected]

1645 Colborne St.
Brantford, Ontario N3T5L4

Our Mission

Targeting massive essential resources to those who need them most.

We provide help and hope to families in crisis by sourcing and distributing a wide variety of needed items to those grappling with difficult life challenges. Whether people in your city are facing natural disasters, poverty, hardship, or social issues, we equip you with life-sustaining tools, strategic plans, and outreach events that transform lives. Our team develops and implements strategies while working with community leaders to assure vital resources get into the hands of children, widows, single moms, and families facing crisis.

Our Story

The heart of The Goodness Project

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Bill Fletcher always had a heart for helping the poor because of his family’s history of giving to the those who needed it the most. Right after finishing college, he developed a business plan for Mission Services in Hamilton under the leadership of the late Frank Pauls. In 1990, he and his wife, Rachelle, moved to Canada the first year they were married, but then moved back to Texas answering the call to ministry. In 1999 while pastoring a church in Haltom City, Texas, Bill and Rachelle answered the call to the needs of the working poor by hosting an outreach in their city. With over 8,000 people in attendance, they distributed free food and toys. For the next four years, they continued to hold annual outreaches and started a weekly food distribution to serve the community.

Eventually they opened a food bank in Haltom City where they daily served the hungry. In 2002, the Goodness Project was born. Bill and Rachelle left their pastoral positions to work full time, targeting essential resources to families in crisis and disaster.

Shortly, they realized the need to resource other nonprofits. Bill and Rachelle began sourcing and distributing goods to other nonprofit organizations to save time and money. They believe when we work together, we can do more good for our communities.

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