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Partnering For Freedom's Sake - DFW GOOD News!



Partnering For Freedom’s Sake –DFW GOOD News!

The  parking lot of Jacques Middle School in fort Worth has never seen so much action!

Freedom Shield Foundation

On August 7th, 2021 the team from Freedom Shield Foundation partnered with The Goodness Project (TGP) in DFW to put on an event, helping families in Fort-Worth, Texas to get their children back-to-school.  Freedom Sheild Foundation is known for helping bring freedom around the globe, but this time, they served over 1200 children and their families to bring a little more financial freedom into their lives.

Drive Through Goodness

Each family received food and supplies to help eleviate the drastically rising inflation rates and show the goodness of God to people, often finding themselves struggling to make ends meet. These unique circumstances related to the pandemic and rising costs of basic needs has even started affecting families who normally are able to provide for the added expense back-to-school shopping poses. Some families that couldn’t make it out to the school were brought by other caring volunteers.

Partnering For Freedom’s Sake

Freedom Shield FoundationTGP helped provide Logistics and transportation for additional items given out at this event. We also gave pallets of green tea, Nido Formula, Crackers and apple juice pouches.

Our partnership with Freedom Shield helps remove vulnerabilities to families who are targeted for sex trafficking due to poverty.

Freedom Shield FoundationFreedom Shield Foundation (FSF) is a U.S. non-profit organization countering human trafficking and religious minority persecution by targeting transnational criminal organizations, international insurgency groups, and terrorist organizations involved in child sex trafficking, recruitment and indoctrination of child soldiers, and trafficking of children for organ harvesting. We also provide restorative care for the captives we free through our national and international safe house program.

  • Freeing Captives Around the World
  • Freedom in the Middle East
  • Freedom in Africa
  • Freedom in North America
  • Freedom in Southeast Asia

Team Goodness is proud to partner with Freedom Shield Foundation, such an outstanding organization that brings freedom to our world.


We want to thank you for partnering with us to provide help and hope to families in crisis!


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