september 2021 The Goodness Report

September 2021 - The Goodness Report

The Goodness Report brings a heap of GOOD News! Into your inbox! Read this month's list of amazing events TGP was involved in. Sept. 2021

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Freedom Shield Foundation

Partnering For Freedom's Sake - DFW GOOD News!

More GOOD News! The Freedom Sheild Foundation partnered with TGP to bring goodness in the form of back-to-school help for over 1200 children!

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Our Eternal Covenant_Goodness Speaks

Our Eternal Covenant With Rosemary Schindler Garlow- Goodness Speaks

Rosemary Schindler Garlow sheds light on the Schindler legacy, including Oskar’s success in saving over 1200 Jewish lives facing Nazi genocide

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Beauty For Ashes- Goodness Speaks With Angela Alexander

Rachelle talks with Angela Alexander from Miracles in Action, an international speaker, author & retired Air Force officer, who shares...

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The Goodness Pop-Up Shop - GOOD News!

More GOOD News! Burlington Glad Tidings church partners with TGP for the first-ver Goodness Pop-Up Shop! So many families in the Burlington...

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Police Helping Kids Nashville

Police Helping Kids Get Back To School - Nashville GOOD News!

More GOOD News! Nashville saw Police Helping Kids Get Back To School with help from The Goodness Project and coordinator, Zak Halverson.

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Partner Spotlight Kim Jones

Partner Spotlight: Kim Jones of WNY - GOOD News!

More GOOD News! We need more people like Kim Jones! Her relentless efforts to help better others is being recognized by TGP and the Buffalo...

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Running To Help July 2021 The Goodness Report

Running To Help - July 2021 - The Goodness Report

“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”  Hebrews 12:1 NIV Running To Help Bill & Rachelle Fletcher have led the charge in running to help the most forgotten of people and their staff has been following at breakneck speeds. This past season has seen The Goodness Project reaching out to people who needed ...

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Hearts on Fire Jennifer Strickland

Hearts on Fire with Jennifer Strickland- Goodness Speaks

What if God really does care about your dreams? In this week’s episode, Goodness Speaks host Rachelle Fletcher welcomes Jennifer Strickland, founder of UR More, who passionately shares the inspiring story of how her Executive Director, Kristen Jordan, had a dream to host an identity conference in her hometown where she’d experienced a heartbreaking past, ...

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Running Full-Tilt Nashville

Running Full-Tilt - Nashville GOOD News!

This past month, the staff at The Goodness Project (TGP) Nashville have been running full-tilt with events held in conjunction with or supporting so many good organizations doing their best to support the greater Nashville community. Partnership Events TPG assisted The Belonging Co. (TBCO) church in an endeavor to provide the most basic needs to women in need. Each ...

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Helping Abused and Neglected Children - DFW GOOD News!

Nothing feels better than helping little ones, especially when you’re helping abused and neglected children in the DFW area. Margaret Cahn from Gateway church, volunteer Magda Blauth and Hannah Ginn from The Goodness Project (TGP) teamed up with Christ’s Haven For Children out of Keller Texas to provide summer items to children who have faced abuse and neglect. Christs ...

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Holding up the elderly

Holding Up The Elderly In Israel - GOOD News!

In November of 2019, the founders of The Goodness Project (TGP), Bill and Rachelle Fletcher, on a trip to Israel, met with the Mayor of Jerusalem; Moshe Lion, and his leadership team. They asked the question, “What is a need to help the people of Israel that isn’t already being addressed?” Jerusalem’s Greatest Need May ...

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