Our Locations

Dallas / Fort Worth, Nashville, Buffalo, Toronto and Israel

With distribution centers in three major American cities, and two international locations, Canada and Israel, we collaborate with churches, city officials, and volunteers to supply, package, and distribute vital resources to families in crisis. Our Debully teams go into schools across North America.

Nashville, Tennessee

Our national distribution center for disaster relief

Strategically located in the southeastern United States, our national distribution center effectively distributes supplies to the region most often hit by storms. Central to the music culture of Nashville, this is a vibrant hub for our Debully assemblies.

Nashville Contact

1510 Antioch Pike
Nashville, TN. 37013
(817) 222-3663 ext. 102

Buffalo, New York

Reaching people in the far northeast

There is a great need in this region, where charities face many operational challenges. Through our strategic partnerships in New York, we are shining a light of hope and help to victims of crisis.

Buffalo Contact

1500 Clinton Street Suite 114
Buffalo, New York 14206
Phone (817) 222-3663 ext. 103

Fort Worth, Texas

Where the Goodness Project began

We have the most relationships and the widest variety of resources in the state of Texas. We partner with over 80 non-profit organizations here, an ever-growing community of people dedicated to serving those in need.

Fort Worth Contact

2550 McMillan Pkwy
Fort Worth, Tx. 76137
(817) 222-3663 ext. 101

Toronto, Ontario

We have an international location

The Goodness Project has expanded to the Toronto area where over six million people reside. There’s a massive need to serve families in crisis and other Canadian charities, whose resources are extremely limited. Learn more about the Goodness Project in Canada here:

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Team Goodness coordinates efforts and builds infrastructure in Israel

In three locations spanning throughout Israel, The Goodness Project is working in conjunction with city mayors to target resources to those in need. We have three primary programs that are providing help to traumatized children, the elderly, and vulnerable immigrant families.

The Lighthouse Project: In a beautiful effort to bring generations together, holocaust survivors personally deliver toys to traumatized children who do not feel safe due to the imminent fear of bombs.

The Safety Project: In response to a request from the mayor of Jerusalem, The Goodness Project has developed a singularly unique program to provide safety equipment to elderly people, which prevents injury and death.

Help and Hope: As a continuing effort in Israel, The Goodness Project supports immigrant families and vulnerable children by providing food, supplies, and needed resources.

All funds raised will go directly to the resources needed for these families. Due to the cost of goods, by utilizing our resources in the United States and acquiring them for .10 cents on the dollar, we quadruple the value of these resources when we get them to Israel. ($10,000 worth of product in the United States worth $40,000 in Israel.)

These valuable contributions will provide immediate relief for families facing financial difficulty and restore them to a state of self-sufficiency. An influx of vital resources will promote economic recovery and sustained social development in Israel while showing the goodness of God.

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Our work is possible because of our dedicated volunteers.

By volunteering at one of our distribution centers or community events, you can bring relief, recovery, and restoration to families in crisis.

*Opportunities to volunteer with our Disaster Services team will be posted here when available.


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