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    Current Goodness Projects

    Disaster Relief

    When a storm hits, we are among the first responders. With distribution centers in Dallas / Fort Worth, Nashville, Buffalo, and Toronto, we collaborate with churches, city officials, and volunteers to distribute vital resources to families in crisis.

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    Local Outreach

    When you plan an outreach in your city, we assist you by providing a strategic plan, essential supplies, and volunteer training. Whether you need resources or help with packaging, distribution, and follow-up, we are here to serve you.

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    Debully Project

    Through high-energy assemblies in schools, Debully empowers teens with a revolutionary approach to difficult topics like social media, bullying, peer pressure, and low self-esteem. Our events feature powerful music and personal stories.

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    Better Together

    As a national leader in product resourcing and purposeful giving, we collaborate with other nonprofit organizations who distribute needed resources to families in crisis. We value relationships that increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

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    Our Mission

    Targeting essential resources to those who need them most.

    We provide help and hope to families in crisis by sourcing and distributing a wide variety of needed items to those facing difficult life challenges. Whether people in your city are facing natural disasters, poverty, hardship, or social issues like bullying, we equip you with life-sustaining tools, strategic plans, and outreach events that transform lives.


    By providing essential resources and impactful messages to people in despair, the Goodness Project serves as a glimmer of hope in the midst of their crisis.


    Once we bring immediate relief to those who are suffering, the healing process begins. We make lasting impact by offering resources to foster a full recovery.


    After a disaster, assembly, or event, our goal is to leave that city better than we found it. We provide follow-up care, supplies, and a plan that re-instills a culture of life in that community.

    Our Story

    The heart of The Goodness Project

    In 1999 while pastoring a church in Haltom City, Texas, Bill and Rachelle Fletcher answered the call to the needs of the working poor by hosting an outreach in their city. With over 8,000 people in attendance, they distributed free food and toys. For the next four years, they continued to hold annual outreaches and started a weekly food distribution to serve the community. Not only did they give out physical food, but they also shared the good news of Jesus Christ every time.

    Eventually they opened a food bank in Haltom City where they daily served the hungry. In 2002, the Goodness Project was born. Bill and Rachelle left their pastoral positions to work full time, targeting essential resources to families in crisis and disaster.

    Shortly, they realized the need to resource other non-profits. Bill and Rachelle began sourcing and distributing goods to other non-profit organizations to save time and money. They believe when we work together, we accomplish more good to transform lives.

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    Our Impact

    Together we are better


    Aid to disaster relief events

    Since 1999


    Food and resources provided

    Since 1999


    Families served

    Since 2017

    When you join with us, we multiply resources to meet the needs of your community.

    Our Locations

    Dallas / Fort Worth, Nashville, Buffalo, Toronto and Israel

    With distribution centers in three major American cities, and two international locations, Canada and Israel, we collaborate with churches, city officials, and volunteers to supply, package, and distribute vital resources to families in crisis. Our Debully teams go into schools across North America.

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Our national distribution center for disaster relief

    Strategically located in the southeastern United States, our national distribution center effectively distributes supplies to the region most often hit by storms. Central to the music culture of Nashville, this is a vibrant hub for our Debully assemblies.

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    Buffalo, New York

    Reaching people in the far northeast

    There is a great need in this region, where charities face many operational challenges. Through our strategic partnerships in New York, we are shining a light of hope and help to victims of crisis.

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    Fort Worth, Texas

    Where the Goodness Project began

    We have the most relationships and the widest variety of resources in the state of Texas. We partner with over 80 non-profit organizations here, an ever-growing community of people dedicated to serving those in need.

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    Toronto, Ontario

    We are international

    The Goodness Project has expanded to the Toronto area where over six million people reside. There’s a massive need to serve families in crisis and other Canadian charities, whose resources are extremely limited. Learn more about the Goodness Project in Canada here:

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    The Goodness Project is broadening our reach

    The Goodness Project is broadening its reach to rescue and restore families and children in Israel, which has the highest poverty rate of any  country in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). We are partnering with several other organizations on the ground in Israel, and there is still so much work to be done. There are more than one million Israelis who cannot make ends meet and over 814,000 children who live in poverty — and the Goodness Project is here to help.

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    Get Involved

    Our work is possible because of our dedicated volunteers.

    By volunteering at one of our distribution centers or community events, you can bring relief, recovery, and restoration to families in crisis.

    *Opportunities to volunteer with our Disaster Services team will be posted here when available.


    Make a Donation

    Give the gift of help and hope to families in crisis today.

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    Become a Volunteer

    Offer selfless acts of kindness to serve people who are hurting.

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    Become a Partner

    Let us help you save time and money when serving your community.

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