Hope Amidst Chaos

In the blistering heat of South Israel, where extreme weather conditions can wreak havoc, a place of refuge emerges during times of disaster. This is the story of The Goodness Disaster Response Air Dome, a beacon of hope that will provide a lifeline for those affected by terror. Through the provision of hot meals, hundreds of tons of essential supplies, laundry services, and showers, this massive portable
structure proves that even in the face of devastation, acts of compassion and resilience can shine through.

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The Genesis

Our story begins with a community ravaged by the devastating Hamas terror attack on October 7th. In the aftermath, we established The Goodness Dome, where affected families in crisis will seek solace and support. With immense determination and limited resources, we are transforming a simple dome into a refuge for those in need.

A Coalition

to Restore those Who Have Been Displaced

Currently, we are partnering with the Mayor of Jerusalem to help provide resources to the 200,000 families who fled the war zones and are displaced in Jerusalem. We are also working with the Joseph Project, One for Israel, and the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, which represents over 50 charities in Israel, to build a coalition and work smarter TOGETHER.

As news of the air dome has spread, people have rallied around us to sustain its mission. Our vision for the dome is to provide hot meals to both survivors and the emergency response personnel working around the clock. No one will be turned away, and there will always enough nourishment to go around. Within the air dome, conversations will spark, souls will be comforted, and a sense of normalcy will temporarily be regained amidst the chaos.

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Restoring Dignity

The Goodness Dome goes beyond food; it aims to restore the dignity of those affected. In one area, pallets of essential supplies will be neatly arranged, ranging from toiletries and clothing to blankets and first aid kits. Families who have lost everything can find solace in receiving these necessities, reminding them that their needs are not forgotten.

Within the air dome, harmony is sustained not only by the provision of essential supplies but also through small moments of respite. In an adjacent section, laundry machines work diligently to wash and dry people’s clothes, offering a semblance of normalcy amidst crises. Showers are available, providing a much-needed reprieve to wash away the dust and exhaustion of their journeys. These little moments offer respite, hope, and the strength to carry on.

Community Resilience

and Beyond

As time goes on, The Goodness Disaster Response Air Dome will be a hub for local nonprofits to gather supplies to distribute to people in need. It will be more than just a physical structure; it will become a symbol of community resilience and partnership.

In the heart of South Israel, amidst the wreckage left by terror, The Goodness Dome will stand tall as a testament to the strength of human compassion. It is a reminder that in moments of chaos and destruction, there are still people who selflessly extend their hands to help and heal. Through providing hot meals, essential supplies, laundry services, and showers, this simple dome becomes a symbol of hope, reminding us that even in the face of disaster, solidarity and kindness can flourish.

Our Partnership with the Major of Jerusalem

We are grateful for our close partnership with Moshe Lion, the Mayor of Jerusalem, who is helping to restore the dignity of the people affected by the Hamas attack. He provides the data to help us target families who are in desperate need. Below is a letter and a Medal of Honor granted to The Goodness Project from the Office of the Mayor of Jerusalem.

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