loaded to the walls with goodies in wny

Loaded to the Walls with Goodies in WNY - GOOD News!

Spring is here, Mother’s Day is coming, and summer is around the corner! The Goodness Project of Western New York has you covered for all of these occasions with everything from pools, to flip-flops and flowers. They are literally loaded to the walls with everything you need to run events or bless those your non-profit ...

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April 2021 - The Goodness Report

And whoever gives just a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is a disciple –I assure you: He will never lose his reward!” Mark 9:41 HCSB This month seemed to flow with a refreshing theme of bringing water to many places in need. The most basic of necessities but ...

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staff spotlight judy wny

Staff Spotlight: Judy from WNY - GOOD News!

Judy Spreading Goodness To The Dominican Republic! If you have been to The Goodness Project of WNY within the last 6 months, you would have met Judy. She is such a blessing to the team and works very hard to get products sorted, organized, and into the Resource Center.One partner said, “Judy is so sweet & friendly ...

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Lasting Friendships - Goodness Speaks With Three of Rachelle's Best Friends

Check out Rachelle’s new show Goodness Speaks to be inspired where she interviews exciting guests to tell how the Goodness of God is being spread in the world! In Episode 22, Lasting Friendships, Rachelle hosts three of her closest and longest friends in a conversation on the goodness of God we can see through friendship. On the show with Rachelle is ...

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Helping Holocaust Survivors Celebrate Passover - GOOD News!

Passover… or in Hebrew, Pesach is the most important time in Israel. The most sacred of all celebrations for the Israeli people. The first Pesach was recorded in Exodus 12 when God directed the Israelites through Moses to prepare their homes, hearts, and a meal.  For centuries, Jewish people and many Christians have followed this age-old tradition, ...

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st. Martins Manor

Providing for families at the St. Martin's Manor Store - GOOD News!

The Goodness Project loves to partner with organizations that can be found providing for families in need! Canadian Team Goodness lead, Pam Bell was thrilled to partner with manager, Katie Bennet along with some of the other amazing people from St. Martin’s Manor to help the families from her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. St. Martin’s Manor is a ...

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church of the city antioch

Steady Flow through Church of the City Antioch- GOOD News!

Church of the City Antioch Ministry Center is located in the city of Antioch, TN. It’s a multiculturally diverse community where many languages and cultures are represented. The dream of their leadership team is to see everyone serve their communities and there is a steady flow of the love of Christ through their efforts. The goal of this ...

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Bringing Water To The Weary

Bringing Water To The Weary - GOOD News!

February’s severe winter storm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area left residents in need of basic necessities into March. After the flooding of their church was dealt with, Dr. Renee Denise Fowler, Pastor of Destiny Pointe Christian Center reached out to the United Way for help to support her community. The Way God Works The United Way contacted the ...

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March 2021 The Goodness Report

March 2021- The Goodness Report

I know that the Lord secures justice for the poorand upholds the cause of the needy. Psalm 140:12 NIV As I was reading this verse, two words really stood out to me. God SECURES justice for the poor and He UPHOLDS the cause of the needy–that’s powerful! It’s our privilege to partner with God in ...

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Lockdown Help For Israel

Lockdown Help for Israel Video- GOOD News!

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Texas Snow and Ice Storm

Texas Snow and Ice Disaster Help- GOOD News!

The Goodness Project (TGP) partnered with many organizations to provide help during this Texas Snow and Ice Disaster of 2021.  A winter storm of epic proportions! Read reports on three of the organizations below. Gateway Church Single mom’s disaster relief The Goodness Project (TGP) partnered with Gateway Dallas to minister to single moms during the ice storm in ...

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books for kids nashville

Books for Kids in Nashville - GOOD News!

Our Nashville location was able to provide boxes of books for Book’em, an organization that gives students books throughout their childhood! To date, they’ve given out over 1 MILLION BOOKS! We envision along with Book’em a future in Nashville where all children own books and know first-hand the joy and value of reading. So great to ...

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