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The Power Of Emotional Intelligence- Goodness Speaks with Deana Morgan

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The Power Of Emotional Intelligence with Deana Morgan

Do you know what your triggers are and how to be set free of them?

Do you feel like your emotions rule you instead of you ruling your emotions?

In this episode of Goodness Speaks, Rachelle talks with speaker and author Deana Morgan about getting emotionally healthy and the lies that drive unhealthy behavior. In her book “From the Symptoms to the Secret,” Deana teaches us how to find the source of our triggers, uproot the lies, and find the truth that sets us free.

From the symptoms to the secret

Season 2 | Episode 17

This book will help you travel from the symptoms to the secret, the origin of your pain, where true healing begins.

When something derails you and sets you off, this book invites you to ask, WHAT AND WHY? What was that “something” and what made it so powerful?

Why do I

  • behave like a child?
  • yell?
  • isolate?
  • avoid conflict?

Why can’t I handle the answer “No!”?

Why does it hurt so much when someone says _____?

If you don’t ask the right questions, you will keep wondering: Why don’t others respect me? Why am I not heard? Why do good things happen for everyone else and not for me? Within the pages of this book, you will find answers.

Deana Morgan

Deana Morgan helping you grow more emotionally intelligent

Deana has a passion to train and equip people in successfully stepping into their divine purpose. Her greatest joy is to partner with the Lord in recognizing and cultivating the full potential He has placed in others. She comes alongside many other leaders and helps shape atmospheres that provide a safe place to heal, to dream, or to dream again.

She loves speaking to His greatness in others and she moved every time she sees his thoroughbreds fully running to their anointings and His Bride redeeming territories for the kingdom

The Episode

EP 17| The Power of Emotional Intelligence (with Deana Morgan)

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Goodness Speaks Show – The Power of Emotional Intelligence

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