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Holding Up The Elderly In Israel - GOOD News!

In November of 2019, the founders of The Goodness Project (TGP), Bill and Rachelle Fletcher, on a trip to Israel, met with the Mayor of Jerusalem; Moshe Lion, and his leadership team. They asked the question, “What is a need to help the people of Israel that isn’t already being addressed?”

Jerusalem’s Greatest Need May Shock You

hand rails in israel

Mayor Lion quickly replied, “Safety supplies for seniors.” He went on to explain how they need help holding up the elderly in Israel, which includes a large group of holocaust survivors. This group doesn’t have the same access to equipment common in North America that protect them from injury in their homes. Sadly, it’s all too common an occurrence that when getting out of the shower or bathtub, many Israeli seniors slip, breaking their hips, which most often leads to death.

Miraculous Provision

After returning from their trip and coming to an understanding of the practical needs of the people, Bill and Rachelle began to pray that the Lord would provide the resources to fulfill the mayor’s request. It wasn’t long before God supplied TGP with seven containers of resources totaling 3 million dollars including top-of-the-line handrails from Kohler. How good is our God!

800 Installed

installing hand rails in israel

Over the course of the last 8 months, 800 Kohler handrails, valued at over $10,000 have been installed! This has brought safety along with God’s hope to precious holocaust survivors and the elderly, living in the heart of Jerusalem. This is wonderful, but the full need has not been met.

TGP Has The Product But Not The Means

TGP was excited to be able to ship the safety equipment to Israel and for some of the handrails to be installed, but there are so many more seniors in need and the product is sitting in the warehouse. The remaining product has not gotten to the homes of seniors due to lockdown and financial restrictions.

In order to help others at risk, TGP needs funding to hire staff that would be able to continue installing safety equipment into the home of seniors including the over 200,000 Holocaust survivors still alive in Israel.

This opportunity to be invited into the homes of thousands of Israeli seniors to share the love and goodness of God is truly unprecedented!

How You Can Be a Part Of The Solution

  1. Pray
  2. Donate

Would you continue to pray with us as we begin to lay out the plan for support and partner with the Lord to bless Israel? Our heart is to build a bridge between the Jews and Christians in Israel as well as between North America and Israel. We believe unity can be achieved through meeting practical needs, that will open the door for people in Israel to see Christ at work on their behalf.

Your Giving Goes Farther Right Now!

Because of a very generous multiplied matching grant offer, every dollar you give to Israel right now is multiplied by 5x!

This means… when you give $20, $100 is released to the team in Israel and that can help pay for the installation of seniors’ safety equipment. Your gift provides the love of Christ in a tangible way.

Won’t you consider making a donation today?

We want to thank you for partnering with us to provide help and hope to families in crisis!


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